Privacy and Policy

QS&C is committed to ensure your protection and to make your online experience secure, significant and satisfying. It is important to let you know that we don't gather any personal data about you except if you agree to share that data.

What Information About the Users Does QS&C collect?
We consider any data that could sensibly be utilized to recognize you as "specifically identifying data."
Security Measures
We take the probity of the data and frameworks, that are kept up by us, seriously. Consequently, suitable shields have been utilized to guarantee that any personal data is secure from obliteration, unapproved access and rupture of secrecy.
Several steps have been taken to safeguard the integrity of our computer systems and networks. These means incorporate, yet are not restricted to singular validation, the security of transmitted information, security checking, reviewing and encryption of your data.

Is User Information Shared?
No, QS&C does not share any of the data of the installer with other people.

Policy Revision and Notification of Changes
The Qurtuba School & College, Pakistan, may whenever, amend or update this policy without notice. We may educate our clients about policy changes through a notification on this page containing a version number and date. Any data gathered under the present policy will be subjected to these terms.