Discipline is the top priority of the School/College. Being young, the students may have tendencies to deviate from their main objectives and transgress their disciplinary obligations. Rules and Regulations pertaining to discipline and conduct have, therefore, been framed to check and regulate these trends and take remedial measures, if required. The students should educate themselves to follow them.

  1. Students should be neatly dressed in the prescribed School/College Uniform during working hours and the examination days.
  2. Students should keep the School/College premises clean and not spread any litter/rubbish around it. A student found breaking or damaging the School/College property shall be penalized and can be struck off.
  3. Students should be regular and punctual in attending classes. Bunking off classes shall be considered as a serious breach of discipline.
  4. Students must be respectful, obedient and courteous towards the faculty members, office staff, support staff, fellow students and visitors to the Institute. They are to avoid impolite and unseemly behaviour and conduct themselves with grace and modesty within and outside the School/College.
  5. Cheating in the examinations, stealing or telling lies shall be viewed as serious breach of good conduct and behaviour. The use of unfair means (UFM) in examinations shall be considered as a serious violation of rules and shall lead to expulsion from the School/College.
  6. Activities like use of intoxicants, chewing gum “pan”, bringing valuable items, mobile phones, video-games, radio, camera etc. are strictly prohibited in the College premises. Violation of rules may result in imposition of . fine, suspension, rustication or expulsion from the School/College as the case may be.
  7. Parents are expected to visit the School/College as and when requested by the School/College Principal.
  8. Students should contact their tutors in all matters relating to the academics and College affairs.
  9. Decision of the Principal in all matters relating to admission, discipline, behaviour, suspension, rustication, expulsion, examination, fee, scholarship, working hours, etc. shall be final.


  1. The student shall maintain identity as a student of the School/College wearing proper uniform.
  2. Students should keep the School/College premises clean and not spread any litter/rubbish around it. A student found breaking or damaging the School/College property shall be penalized and can be struck off.
  3. In disputes, if any, with fellow students or teachers or employees of the School & College, the student shall accept the judgement of the authorities of the School/College for decision or settlement.
  4. The student shall accept all rules and regulations in force in the School/ College.
  5. Holding a gathering, meeting, or taking out procession in any part of School/ College campus is prohibited.
  6. Indulging in any kind of unfair means, malpractice in examination or corruption by any means is not allowed .
  7. Bringing into the campus, consuming or encouraging consumption of alcoholic products, drugs, cigarettes, intoxicants, narcotics etc. and indulging in acts of moral turpitude is not allowed.
  8. Bringing or keeping any type of weapons within the School/College premises is prohibited.

Ban on Political Activities:

In the light of the Supreme Court verdict which reads as under: “Students’ indulgence in political activities in the college shall be strictly prohibited.” “We, therefore, hereby direct that at the time of admission to an educational institution the student and his parent/guardian shall give an undertaking that the student shall not indulge in politics failing which he/she shall not be allowed admission. If after the admission, he/she violates such undertaking i.e. “Indulges himself/herself in politics” he/she shall be expelled from the institution without any further notice. All the educational institutions shall henceforth seek and obtain similar undertaking in respect of all existing enrolled students. It is explained that the finding with regard to “indulge in politics” given by the Head of institution under his seal and signature shall be final and shall not be questioned except only before the Supreme Court”. The specimen of the undertaking given in the prospectus is to be filled and signed by the student and his parents/guardian, which shall be produced at the time of interview/admission.